Yasmin Express’

Yasmin the Yorkshire Terrier | Woofember
Dog’s Name Yasmin express

Breed Yorkshire terrier

Your dog is a girl

Age 13

Hometown Alvin Texas

Story I bought my daughter this lil bundle of fur when my daughter was 9 yrs old.  Lauren showed dogs in the 4-H and was a natural at it. I decided to purchase her a this lil pup to do jr showmanship in the akc…as well as the conformation ring with the adults.

We picked the name Yasmin as that was Lauren’s pen pals name in Germany. Lauren trained her in the ring to show all by herself in 4-h. These two in the ring were hard to beat. It made me proud to see these two doing so well together. Since showing in 4-h the dream of Lauren was to win the state dog show competition. ..and she did win this title twice with Yasmin by her side. Ribbons and tropphies and belt buckles were all in her room from 4-h as well as AKC winnings.

As time went on Lauren decided to stop showing dogs. So Yasmin was a dog of…as if she wasn’t before. She always was a loved pet befor anything else.

I started noticing late at night while Yasmin sleeping on the back of the couch…her head  would twitch and jerk a few times. This went on I just thought she was dreaming and having body movement. But one day the twitching became whole body jerking and she would become off balanced but able to recover and not fall. I took my girl to the vet as one day this happened and she fell 3 times because of the tremors. Something was wrong. They examined her and saw one of the tremors happen in the office. They said she was having focal seizures. These went on at least 3 a day. She was put on phenobarbital at first it didn’t help still having 3 a day but lasting longer and falling more often. They added potassium bromide to her meds that made it so much worse over night. From 3 a day to 9 the next to 30 then on a Sunday it Wes 100+ I stopped counting.

My lil one couldn’t stand to walk called the vet and took her in she was also inked breathing out of one nose hole they did X-rays of here head to see what’s going on and found a lg tumor pressing to where it shut part of her airway off. They stopped her meds and the seizures went back to 3 times a day. Bad but so much better the the days prior. They told me to take her home love her and spoil her as the tumor was large and I personally didn’t have the funds to do chemo treatments for her. She lived 10 more wonderful months with us before she passed in my arms on Veterans day at 10 pm.

I’m thankful I  was blessed with the 10 months we had after the news of the brain tumor and greatful i was home for her when her time came….As she was with me in my hard times. This is my sweet  Yasmin’s story. Momma loves you sweet baby.


One Response to Yasmin Express’

  1. Vicki July 20, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    Great tribute to a great big hearted dog!

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