Miller Louise Brewer

Dog’s Name Miller Louise Brewer

Breed Boston Terrier

Your dog is a girl

Age 7 years 3months

Hometown Friendsville, TN

Story I picked Miller out of a litter of 7 when she was 2 days old and went to visit her every week until I got to bring her home @ 6 weeks. Smart was not the word for her, she was the sweetest “Baby Girl”, loved everybody and everybody loved her.

She started having seisures in April of 2005 (due to a brain tumor) and until the day we had to have her put down we did everything possible for her. Our Vet was wonderful and he tried everything to make her better. The morning we had to take her for the last time, he & his assistant (Miller LOVED Carrie) came in and checked her, she was pretty much out of it by this time, he gave her a shot and left us alone with her so we could talk to her and have our final time with her and then they both came back in crying like we were and gave her the final shot. She just lay in my arms and went to “sleep”. When she left us she took part of our hearts with her. We had her cremated and she with us today. That afternoon, we received flowers from our Vet. I missed 3 days from work, it was VERY HARD on BOTH of us!! We have two Bostons today and Miller has a sister & a brother.

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