Midget the Mix

Midget the Mix | WoofemberDog’s Name: Midget

Breed: Mix

Your dog is a: boy

Age: 9

Hometown: San Francisco

Story: Midget came to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue after having been obviously very abused. We thought he’d never be adoptable since his fear aggression was so severe. He could barely tolerate anyone looking at him, and he’d respond to even a glance with an attack to the offender’s foot (good thing he was small and old otherwise he’d have caused a lot of damage!)

A volunteer from San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control worked with him for over a year to bring him to the point of being able to take a treat from a trusted hand. She taught me how to be that trusted hand, and I eventually took Midget home where he thrived and began to trust people again. He even had a couple of favorites, and allowed 2 neighbors to pet him whenever they wanted.

9 months later I took Midget to the San Francisco Chihuahua Meetup, to see if he’d socialize with the other dogs, and if he could tolerate being around strangers. Several people touched Midget, without “‘permission’ and while I could tell he didn’t like it he didn’t react either!

A week after the Meetup Midget and I were enjoying a walk when he looked up at me and barked, and fell over. He went into a coma instantly and I rushed him to the ER. He had an abdominal tumor that filled his entire little body. No one knew because he wouldn’t ever let anyone examine him.

My grief about losing him was that he had come so far in being able to enjoy life as a normal dog, instead of the fearful, angry, defensive creature he was when he came to us. The shame was that he would never have the chance to enjoy the full freedom he was on his way to having.


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