Crockett the Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix

Crockett the Shih Tzu Chihuahua | WoofemberDog’s Name: Crockett

Breed: shih tzu/chihuahua

Your dog is a: boy

Age: 9

Hometown: St Augustine, FL

Story: I had just bought a new house and everyone was very excited the day we moved in. Even my dog Crockett just couldn’t seem to relax. He kept running around the new house, tail wagging, and sniffing everything.

Finally, he came over to me, and as he looked at me, I noticed that he seemed to be looking up too far, as if something was in the way of his vision. When I looked at him more closely, I discovered that he had a huge red bump on his nose and I guess he couldn’t see correctly, because it was as if he was trying to look over it, to get a clear view.

Well, after examining it further, I just got really upset. So many dogs are plagued with cancer and other types of growths and usually, you go through lots of money and emotional pain, only to lose the animal in the end.

Instead of taking him to the vet, I decided to first do some research on the computer, about how I might be able to use some sort of natural therapy to get rid of it. After 3 solid days of research, I finally found the answer.

It was castor oil! I read all I could about how to treat him with it, and began the process right away. Within four days, the bump, which was at the start, red, bloody looking and as big as a green pea, began to shrink!

I was amazed and continued to do the treatments for the rest of the week. Within seven days, it was completely gone and has never returned.

I have since tried to help others by publishing this information, with full details, completely free, in an effort to cure some of these issues that seem to attack so many animals.

The full article is at the following link below. Just click on it or copy and past it into your browser. I’m pretty sure it will help.

Also, fell free to spread this information as much as you can, and try to help as many as you can, as I have tried to do.

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