Crockett the Shih Tzu Chihuahua | Woofember

Crockett the Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix

Dog’s Name: Crockett Breed: shih tzu/chihuahua Your dog is a: boy Age: 9 Hometown: St Augustine, FL Story: I had just bought a new house and everyone was very excited the day we moved in. Even my dog Crockett just couldn’t seem to relax. He kept running around the new house, tail wagging, and sniffing […]

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Reba the Husky Lab Mix | Woofember

Reba the Husky Lab Mix

Dog’s Name: Reba Breed: Husky-lab mix Your dog is a: girl Age: 11 Hometown: New Castle, DE Story: I had the most beautiful girl for a good portion of my life! She was stubborn, demanding, pushy, and the most AMAZING dog I have ever met! At the end of April, I realized that she wasn’t […]

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Wyoming the Shar Pei Mix | Woofember

Wyoming the Shar Pei Mix

Dog’s Name: Wyoming Breed: shar-pei/pitbull cross Your dog is a: girl Age: 11 Hometown: Warren Massachusetts Story: Wyoming was by far the best dog I have ever had. She was diagnosed in May of 2007 with undifferentiated sarcoma intermediate stage. She underwent surgery to have the tumor removed from her abdomen and sadly we did […]

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Midget the Mix | Woofember

Midget the Mix

Dog’s Name: Midget Breed: Mix Your dog is a: boy Age: 9 Hometown: San Francisco Story: Midget came to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue after having been obviously very abused. We thought he’d never be adoptable since his fear aggression was so severe. He could barely tolerate anyone looking at him, and he’d respond to even […]

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Miller Louise Brewer

Dog’s Name Miller Louise Brewer Breed Boston Terrier Your dog is a girl Age 7 years 3months Hometown Friendsville, TN Story I picked Miller out of a litter of 7 when she was 2 days old and went to visit her every week until I got to bring her home @ 6 weeks. Smart was […]

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Yasmin the Yorkshire Terrier | Woofember

Yasmin Express’

Dog’s Name Yasmin express Breed Yorkshire terrier Your dog is a girl Age 13 Hometown Alvin Texas Story I bought my daughter this lil bundle of fur when my daughter was 9 yrs old.  Lauren showed dogs in the 4-H and was a natural at it. I decided to purchase her a this lil pup to do jr showmanship in the […]

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